Connecting to the divine intelligence within Part 1- Discovering your higher self – REPLAY

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Connecting to the divine intelligence within Part 1 – Discovering your higher self – REPLAY

Full details here; ONLINE WORKSHOP – Connecting to Higher Self with Farrah & Anina (Sept23)



Connecting to the divine intelligence within Part 1 – Discovering your higher self

Saturday the 23rd September

In this 2 hour workshop we will look at connecting to the infinite and divine intelligence system we all have running within ourselves.

During this intense and ever evolving and shifting current energetic time on Earth, and all we have signed up to experience, individually as well as collectively, one needs as many tools to work with as well as a strong and confident connection to their inner realm of higher dimensional guidance and ability to receive information as we navigate this very important lifetime and planetary shift.

This is not something one can develop overnight or even in one session, one workshop or one course. This is the path of dedication, focus, practice and a deep dive into releasing old limiting beliefs and programs that go back eons. Many of those who choose to sign up for this workshop will have already started this process and been deeply connected and rooted in this work currently.

This workshop is for those who want to

  1. Step out of old programs and paradigms that keep them small and limited.
  2. Release and let go of the doubt that tells you, you are not your own healer channel and divine guide. ( this takes time and consistent work, due to default patterning we have been running our whole lives.)
  3. Ways in which you can build the connection with your higher self AKA telepathy and information downloads via images, knowing and dreams.
  4. Understand the vast and organic intelligence system we have running within our body and DNA.
  5. Connect to your higher self AKA future version of self.

What is included.

Join Farrah and Anina in discovering your inner realm, how it exists, why it exists and how we can consciously through daily practice learn to tune into the radio wave that is you beyond the linear limitations of Earth.

Full details here; ONLINE WORKSHOP – Connecting to Higher Self with Farrah & Anina (Sept23)


Introduction –

What is your higher self and guidance team ?

Why do we have one ?

Why is it so important now more than ever to bring all our energy inwards and start tapping into our own discernment i.e higher guidance system?

Where do the limiting beliefs come from?

Organic intelligence as opposed to artificial intelligence

The power of perspective

Blocked third eyes

The genius mind and opening your consciousness to it

Question and answers

Guided meditation

We all came here at this time for a very specific reason, we all are key role players in the shift, we all hold the codes, TOGETHER  we all make up the perfect and divine puzzle that helps Gaia restore her organic crystalline 5D template. My wish is for you to discover the magik that you hold within you, and believe it!






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