Celestial Sentience Membership

Walking with you into higher states of consciousness

As we journey into the depth of our inner realm and discover new facets of ourselves and this cosmic voyage, one can become overwhelmed and disjointed with the enormity of taking back our sovereignty, awareness about the truth, the layers of truth, deception and matrix program we have been thrusted into, or shall I say we choose to partake in. The path of awakening, healing and connecting with your higher self is not for the faint hearted. It takes courage, determination, faith and a huge amount of resilience when waking up to the deep and layered truth of our souls most sacred inner wisdom. Finding your connection to you and your highest truth, which is ever evolving and navigating this path can be fraught with uncertainty, hardship and confusion.

Thats where my membership comes in.. walk with me, Farrah Weir I am into the unknown and journey far beyond the realms of what is imaginable.

 In the Celestial Sentience membership you will gain access to;

1. Monthly New Moon healing meditations

As a group I will hold the space to take you on a voyage into the inner compass of your own soul, deep into the crevices of all the trauma that needs to be released as well as the memories that are contained within your DNA. As we are evolving through our ascension journey more light is streaming into the body, with the DNA being activated through light our trauma and shadow needs to come up and out. This is no small task. My monthly New Moon meditations will be a space to heal, remember and create.

2. Monthly energy updates for the collective

What are we swimming through, what wonderful and magical energies do we get to work with.

3. Doing daily life with me

I do not promise to post every single day of the week however I do promise to share my insights, my knowledge and my wisdom throughout the month. This will be through the form of written posts and videos. If you are looking for information, perspective, growth and someone to assist you in becoming the best, most conscious version of yourself then Celestial Sentience membership will offer you the space to grow,  evolve, heal and understand this earth reality as well as our cosmic connection in leaps and bounds. 

4. Monthly live Q & A’s

Monthly I will do a live zoom Q&As. If you’re looking for a safe space to ask questions that seem impossible to find, I will be available to work through all things galactic, the human body and our energy field.

Lets walk through our ascension journey together as a collective, creating love and connection within ourselves and others. Taking back our sovereignty as we step into New Earth.




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