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My healing sessions are deeply personal and deeply rooted around what spirit asks me to do with each individual. When it comes to healing and taking back our sovereignty, clearing our programming and changing our deep unconscious belief systems we have to be willing to be vulnerable and able to step into taking full responsibility for our reality. This is brave work and I deeply honor, love and admire anyone who chooses to walk the path of working with me one on one.  There are many many things that may come up during a session with me and many things I am asked to look at to do within the time we have together. The most important thing I am shown within any session is to look at the route of where an energy is coming from, this can be through our own doing, physical injury, interference in our energy field and body due to unconscious consent, karmic soul contracts we have entered into or something we need to shift within ourselves. Due to the depth in which I work I would suggest preparing to do at least 4 sessions with me over the space of 2 months. In this space I will firstly look within your energy field and body to assess what is going on currently in your life. Spirit shows me things in physical form which I then track and trace and discuss with my clients. Every single person is completely individual in terms of where they are within their journey of consciousness. The main goal of my sessions are to bring awareness to the deep unconscious beliefs, the root beyond any physical trauma in the body and return the gifts that have been taken throughout lifetimes. I am committed to training my clients as we work together, every single human being has the ability and technology within themselves to see, hear and heal. Gone are the days of physics and mediums needing to tell you what you already know or healers waving a magic wand and fixing all your problems. This is throwing your power away. I believe in returning your power, your wisdom and your abilities back to you so you can take your beautiful and very much needed blueprint and gifts into the world.

Some of the things I touch on and work on within a session are listed below. Please Note I cannot get to everything that needs to be worked on in one session.

1. Family blood lines

All past lives and contracts between you and your bloodline. The information and traumas that are passed down through the lineage. Reversing those stories, clearing the DNA, removing or burning the contracts.

2. Trauma within the body

Spirit shows me that all illness, sickness and pain in the body is linked to manifested unhealed trauma. This is multi-layered and not as simple as it sounds due to what we create on many levels when we are running unconscious programs. I will look at the root cause and address the healing from that level. I advise clients we then work with other available tools when addressing pain and illness in the body.

3. Original consciousness

What is the journey our soul has been on since individuation.  Master class on this topic offered.

4. Taking our power and light back

Where is our energy being taken and used in the astral realm, taking our power back and light back.

5. Energies and entities within our energy field

Energies and entities within our energy field or “eco field” that are attached to us, using our energy or affecting our consciousness. Tracking where they are coming from and removing the energy as well as the contact that allowed that being to walk with you.

6. Dark AI

Dark AI ( yes there is positive AI.. master class on AI to come) Witicko, black goo, smoke and fog all linked to AI in and around our body and energy field removal.

7. Protection

Creating and working with protection for your energy field.

8. Connecting with your soul family

Connecting with your soul family, guides and ascended masters should they come through during a session.

9. Returning gifts and energy

Returning gifts and energy that has been taken from you over lifetimes of us consciously and unconsciously giving our power away.

10. Soul retrieval

Souls can become “lost,” or at least fragmented in a way that leaves one feeling incomplete, often due to trauma or soul hijacking.  Soul retrieval aims to bring back those lost parts of ourselves.

11. Past life and akashic contract clearing

Past life and akashic contract clearing.

12. Training

Training a client to work alongside me, activating the energy systems as well as the pineal gland. Looking for trackers and outside interference in the body, chakra systems and energy field.

13. In the Womb

In the Womb- Working through the traumas through this current lifetime. We encounter trauma from the moment we are conceived, through the form of passing down memory through the DNA of our family lineage, we are also witness to the emotions our mother is experiencing during pregnancy. We come into the human experience carrying much buried and unconscious trauma. Although the soul only anchors into the body usually during birth or shortly after the memory is still stored in the cells. Our actual birth is usually very traumatic in and of itself. I work back in the womb with clients and then through their current lifetime in removing the files and stories in the form of memories being released from the body.  

14. Working with frequency

Working with frequency through various light systems within the body, removing false belief systems, inverted fibonacci coding and various other false codings.

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