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Welcome to my website, I am Farrah Weir, a quantum surgeon, cosmic and conscious life coach, intuitive medium who has stepped into my calling of service to humanity and Gaia. What I do and who I am cannot be summarized in a few short paragraphs as we all are far greater, older and wiser than we could even begin to fathom. My souls passion and purpose is to help one heal trauma and pain in the body, return their sovereignty and step into their power.

I have walked a long and dedicated path with Spirit and my Higher Self in planetary work, healing self and assisting others. Through my own trials and tribulations, curiosity and deep connection to source I have been blessed to have tapped into the memory within my DNA and unique blueprint.

My mission is to take all those who find me and my work on a cosmic voyage of discovery within and without, as within so without. Here on Earth we are so limited in our understanding of energy and the multi dimensionality of our reality. I offer a deeply personal understanding of your reality, why we have created what we create and how we can transmute and transcend way beyond the physical limitations of Earth, traversing through linear time and space.



Each individual I work with is completely unique in their divine purpose and healing journey. Spirit shows me what I need to know in order to assist them with any contracts, limitations, entities, past life and traumas etc that they are holding in and around their eco system and eco field. I offer the gift of asking my clients to work alongside me in doing the work and giving them the confidence to see, feel and experience the sessions with me.

As a mom of two beautiful way shower souls everyday I am learning more and more about what we have all come to Earth at this time to achieve. This lifetime is a biggie and we all have the gift of tapping into the quantum infinity structure to heal, transcend, remember and grow our consciousness as we walk our star gate ascension journey.

Join me through my membership, one on one healings and master classes in discovering your inner realm, guiding you through healing meditations, information on all things quantum and so much more. I believe we are meant to have fun, get deep, be silly and remember the enormity of who we truly are. All the technology resides within you.. You are the gift you have been looking for.

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I met Farrah at a restaurant and got chatting on various “out there” topics. After our meeting I knew I wanted to have a session with her, she was so grounded, down to Earth, bubbly, outgoing yet deeply connected. I immediately felt at ease in her presence.

It took about a year, but after my first session with her I knew I would be working more with her in the future. Farrah’s approach is calm, definitive, grounded and with no judgement. When we let people into our energy and let them see all that is there, it can be difficult to be vulnerable, but Farrah makes you feel so accepted, understood and human.

It’s hard to put into words the healing that takes place, but it is deep and pretty mindblowing. Sometimes the shifts are subtle and materialize over a period of time, other times it’s monumental and instant. It’s always exciting!

I am so happy I met Farrah that Summer solstice day, my life, my path, my abilities, my understanding of the all that is has come leaps and bounds and I look forward to having my mind, heart, soul and brain stretched even further.

Thank you for all that you do for humanity and beyond!

Gaby Rademeyer




I have had the privilege and honour to be guided, healed and upgraded spiritual, mentally and physically, by Farrah. The results in my life have been, improved health, breaking bad habits, better financial decisions and development of my own spiritual abilities. Farrah comes highly recommend, take the leap and enjoy the ride.


Morgan Thomas


Dear Fellow Travellers

We are spirtual beings having a TEMPORARY human experience.

A journey which albeit fraught with challenges – is supposed to be mostly an exciting one ! 🙂

While bravely navigating the consequences of our choices (learning precious lessons :-)), doing our best, being kind and more, suffering offering arrives with inexplicable origins pushing us to the edge!

Then – along comes a gift to assist us! 🙂

Her name is Farrah Weir.

Thank you Farrah!

with much love





Working with Farrah is the most unique and profound experience.

Farrah works with you to heal layer by layer to enable you to become empowered by self and to bring forth greater awareness.
Farrah clears old programs, explores past lives and removes contracts that are no longer required for the journey forward. It feels as though Farrah purifies the soul.
I immediately felt connected to Farrah and therefore had so much trust from the moment I heard her voice.
I felt physical change in my body the minute we started to do the work together. The work is deep and extremely powerful and after each session I get an overwhelming feeling of inner peace.

Farrah exudes love and healing through her beautiful frequency and remarkable gift!
My hope is that everyone gets to experience being in Farrah’s presence, because of this beautiful woman the world is a more vibrant, loving and joyful place xx


Aime, Australia



I first met Farrah through a mutual friend of ours; a connection I firmly believe was divinely guided and significantly synchronistic for both of us.

Farrah is an incredible woman; beautiful, passionate and insightful. She embodies an innate power and wisdom that comes from deep within her soul. Her ability to access the quantum realms with such ease, and then to translate the knowledge in such a grounded, articulate manner creates a space for her clients to gently explore from a more expanded consciousness, relative to each one’s unique personal journey.
Quite a profound experience.

She was born to follow this path; her path; her way and to carve out new ways. This is her destiny- to share her wisdom and to guide and inspire others through their healing ascension journey with her amazing array of gifts and talents.

I feel blessed and grateful to know Farrah.


Diane Gold



Working with Farrah is absolutely amazing !

It’s far beyond anything I could have hoped for or dreamed of. She is incredible at holding the space for an individual to connect to spirit and do their own healing work (she doesn’t put “stuff” on you, she allows you to hear and see for yourself) she is so supportive and encouraging, connecting with her has honestly helped me to begin shifting and transforming myself and my life for which I’m so infinitely grateful.


Lauren Tully



Farrah, I AM beyond grateful to you and to Steve Nobel for answering my prayer. I haven’t had anyone who I trusted was advanced enough to help me. YOU ARE. I AM a new and different person. I look forward to working with you again AND appreciate the work you will be doing with my clients and aiding me on this healing journey. MUCH LOVE TO YOU!!


Clare Campbell, USA


Farrah is an amazing channel whose work is 100% pure. She is of the highest integrity in her work, which is rare. She always has her client’s well being at the forefront. I have had several sessions with her. Most notable to me, is that I feel lighter, like all the dark that was polluting my energy field is clear. For the first time in over 20 years, I have a new freedom in my spirit I didn’t know I would ever have, and I have worked with many healers that seemed to hold so much promise, but only let me down in the end.

I have had many body imbalances and Farrah has helped me get clarity and understanding around them. Her guidance has led me to treatments that are bringing balance and healing to my physical body as well.

I always feel completely safe and trust that anything Farrah finds in my energy field that isn’t for my highest good, that she is totally capable of clearing it.

I so appreciate all Farrah has done to assist me in my ascension process. I feel confident that I have more tools to heal myself and a partner at the ready if I ever need support in the future.


JC Kay

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